INT 21,55 - Create New PSP (Undocumented)

	AH = 55h
	DX = New PSP segment address
	SI = memory size value to place in PSP offset 02h (DOS 3+)

	returns nothing

	- the following should be observed when using this function

	  o  Allocate memory for the PSP and program code  (INT 21,48)
	  o  Duplicate the PSP	 (INT 21,55)
	  o  Load program code into allocated segment above the new PSP
	  o  Save Current PSP
	  o  Set PSP to the PSP just created  (INT 21,50)
	  o  Jump to start of code if .COM otherwise handle relocation,
	     setup stack and registers

	- similar to INT 21,26 except the PSP is setup by DOS
	- increments reference count in SFT for all inherited files
	- files flagged as not inheritable are marked as closed in the
	  new PSP
	- invoked by INT 21,4B

	- see	UNDOC   INT 21,4B   INT 21,26