.EXE - DOS EXE File Structure

     Offset Size	     Description

	00   word  "MZ" - Link file .EXE signature (Mark Zbikowski?)
	02   word  length of image mod 512
	04   word  size of file in 512 byte pages
	06   word  number of relocation items following header
	08   word  size of header in 16 byte paragraphs, used to locate
		     the beginning of the load module
	0A   word  min # of paragraphs needed to run program
	0C   word  max # of paragraphs the program would like
	0E   word  offset in load module of stack segment (in paras)
	10   word  initial SP value to be loaded
	12   word  negative checksum of pgm used while by EXEC loads pgm
	14   word  program entry point, (initial IP value)
	16   word  offset in load module of the code segment (in paras)
	18   word  offset in .EXE file of first relocation item
	1A   word  overlay number (0 for root program)

	- relocation table and the program load module follow the header
	- relocation entries are 32 bit values representing the offset
	  into the load module needing patched
	- once the relocatable item is found, the CS register is added to
	  the value found at the calculated offset

	Registers at load time of the EXE file are as follows:

	AX:	contains number of characters in command tail, or 0
	BX:CX	32 bit value indicating the load module memory size
	DX	zero
	SS:SP	set to stack segment if defined else,  SS = CS and
		SP=FFFFh or top of memory.
	DS	set to segment address of EXE header
	ES	set to segment address of EXE header
	CS:IP	far address of program entry point, (label on "END"
		statement of program)