INT 21,58 - Get/Set Memory Allocation Strategy

(Undocumented, DOS 3.x)

	AH = 58h
	AL = 00  get strategy code
	   = 01  set strategy code
	BX = strategy code (when AL = 01)
	   = 00  first fit  (default)
	   = 01  best fit
	   = 02  last fit

	on return:
	AX = strategy code if CF clear
	   = error if CF set, see  DOS ERROR CODES

	- defaults to first fit, first block large enough is chosen
	- in first fit, DOS searches the MCB chain from low addresses to
	  high for the first block large enough to fill the request.  For
	  best fit, DOS searches all memory blocks for the closest fit.
	  In last fit, DOS starts at high addresses and works downward
	  and uses the high part of the chosen block
	- any strategy value greater than 2 defaults to 2, but the last value
	  set, even if incorrect, is the value returned by the get strategy