MSC: short _ellipse(short ctl,short x1,short y1,short x2,short y2)

	MSC: short _ellipse_w( short ctl, double wx1, double wy1,
				double wx2, double wy2 )

	MSC: short far _ellipse_wxy(short ctl,struct _wxycoord far *pwxy1,
				struct _wxycoord far *pwxy2 )

	- prototype in graph.h

	- ctl	= _GFILLINTERIOR	fill ellipse with current fill mask
		= _GBORDER		don't fill ellipse
	- returns nonzero value if ellipse is drawn ok, zero otherwise
	- center of ellipse is center of bounding rectangle specified by
	  supplied coordinates

	- see	_setfillmask()