OUTS - Output String to Port (80188+ only)

	Usage:	OUTS	port,src
		OUTSD  (386+ only)
	Modifies flags: None

	Transfers a byte, word or doubleword from "src" to the hardware
	port specified in DX.  For instructions with no operands the "src"
	is located at DS:SI and SI is incremented or decremented by the
	size of the operand or the size dictated by the instruction format.
	When the Direction Flag is set SI is decremented, when clear, SI is
	incremented.  If the port number is in the range of 0-255 it can
	be specified as an immediate.  If greater than 255 then the port
	number must be specified in DX.  Since the PC only decodes 10 bits
	of the port address, values over 1023 can only be decoded by third
	party vendor equipment and also map to the port range 0-1023.

				 Clocks			Size
	Operands	 808x  286   386    486		Bytes

	port,src	  -	5     14     17		  1
	port,src (PM)	  -	-    8/28 10/32/30	  1

	- 386+ protected mode timings depend on privilege levels.

	  first number is the timing when:    CPL ≤ IOPL
	  second number is the timing when:   CPL > IOPL
	  third number is the timing when:    virtual mode on 486 processor

	- see Instruction Timing